RESTORx Residential Restoration services

Restoring your home after a disaster can feel extremely overwhelming. When your walls are covered in soot or your home is reminiscent of a swimming pool, you need a quick and effective solution – and you need it fast.

RESTORx's team of professionals can be that solution.

We have the expertise, training and equipment to help save you in your time of need during a disaster.

We are available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, the first step to restoring your home is just a telephone call (661-544-9160) or a click away.

Packing Services

Our company has certified packing technicians to ensure the all your belongings will be kept safe. All items packed are evaluated for damage and inventoried. Once all items have been packed, they are placed either in an...   
Packing Services


When it comes to sewage its important to call the Certified Professionals. Never allow contractors to place fans to dry sewage affected areas...   

Drying Services

Our first priority is to preserve and protect your home. If the damage is caused by clean water and caught in time, we will work to dry as much of your home as possible with our Injectidry system.   
Structural and In Place Drying

Ultrasonic Services

This process is used to remove contaminants from your contents. Contaminants can be caused by smoke, fire, mold, or water damage.   
Ultrasonic Content Cleaning

Water Damage

When your home is being threatened by water damage from flooding or leaks, RESTORx has the expertise needed to prevent or mitigate the devastating effects water damage can have in order to help preserve or restore your...   
Water Damage Remediation & Restoration

Fire & Smoke Damage

The complexity of property loss or destruction due to fire damage is a result of the unique behavior of smoke. A trained fire damage professional should survey the loss site to determine the extent in which the fire, smoke,...   
Fire & Smoke damage Remediation & Restoration